Quantity Surveying Institute in India

Red Bricks Academy of Civil Engineering is an ISO Certified Training Company. The Best Quantity Surveying Institute in India in Chandigarh which provides Basic to advance level training in the field of Quantity Surveying (Building and Road) to Students, Freshers, and Working Professional.

RED BRICKS ACADEMY OF CIVIL ENGINEERINGis one and only leading Quantity Surveying Institute which provides Building and Road Estimation training through Auto CAD Software. And the estimating sheets are made in MS-Excel And also have Placement cell for 100% job Assistance.

Quantity Surveying Institute in India

What is the Quantity Surveying?

Quantity Surveying is the branch of civil engineering in which a Quantity Surveyors have expert knowledge of all the construction costs, tender, procurement, and contract management.

Quantity Surveyors Have knowledge to Estimate the total budget of the project and the depreciation schedule is also prepared by a Quantity Surveyor.

Roles and Responsibility of Quantity Surveyors.

Before Tendering:  Before Tendering a Quantity Surveyor prepares a bill of Quantities BOQ by estimating or by doing the calculation of Quantities (Concrete, steel, labor, resources, etc) as per drawings given by the client and comparing it with schedule rates provided by the government.

During Tendering: During tendering the Quantity Surveyor of different Companies, For example, XYZ PVT. LTD.  And many more companies Estimates the budget by doing Quantity Calculations  (Concrete, steel, labor, resources, etc) as per drawing and the rates are compared by market rates to analyze the net profit the company gets if they got the project.

After tendering: after tendering a Quantity Surveyors of the Contractor team take care of all the financial and contractual sides of the construction projects and also manage the Bills prepared by the contractor and which is given to the client.  

quantity surveying institute in India


  • Estimation of all kind of  civil works such as building, (residential, commercial, multistory ) and Roads, etc through Auto CAD
  • All estimation work is prepared in MS Excel with the help of Architecture drawing and Structural drawings.
  • Preparation of BBS (Bar Bending Schedule ) and Quantities Take off from drawings through Auto CAD.
  • Preparation of BOQ, DPR, MB,DNIT and Civil Estimate.
  • Practical site knowledge is provided to students by our experienced working professional team.
  • Our working professionals team helps students in the preparation of the interview and also helps in assisting relevant jobs to the students.
  • Regular site visits for students for deep enhancement of knowledge in the construction field.

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