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This E-book contains all the estimation work of building which includes all civil estimates and steel calculations (Bar Bending Schedule) with proper drawing and with help of MS-Excel.

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In this Building Construction Book, you will learn how to make a detailed estimate of a building from the structural drawing. And the detailed estimate is prepared in MS-Excel by directly taking off the quantities from the drawing. At every site, we have to make a detailed estimate of the building,

1.      To order the quantities of concrete from the R.M.C. plant.

2.      To prepare the bill for the client(Govt. or Pvt)

3.      To prepare the bill of subcontractors.

4.      To order the quantities of material such as bricks, cement, sand, aggregates, marble, tiles, steel, etc.

The Building Construction Book includes detailed estimates of

A.     Foundation work/ Sub-Structure Constructions

1.      Quantities of excavation of footing and foundation walls.

2.      Quantity of plain cement concrete below footings and foundation walls.

3.      Quantity of concrete of Isolated/ tapered footings.

4.      Quantity of concrete in columns below the plinth level.

5.      Quantity of concrete in plinth beams of the building.

B.     Super-Structure Construction

1.      Quantity of concrete in lintel beam.

2.      Quantity of concrete in roof beams

3.      Quantity of concrete in the roof slab

4.      Quantity of concrete in the staircase


C.     Brickwork in building

1.      Quantity of Brickwork in the foundation (sub-structure) below plinth level.

2.      Quantity of Brickwork above plinth level( Super-structure).

D.     Shuttering Area Calculations

1.      Calculation of the shuttering area of all the R.C.C. members of the building like footings, columns, beams, slab, etc

E.      Finishing Work

1.      Internal plaster

2.      External plaster


F.      Calculation of cement, sand, and aggregate in concrete


G.    Introduction to Bar bending schedule

1.      Basics of Bar bending schedule

2.      Procedure for making bar bending schedule with deductions of bend that are taken on-site

H.    Bar bending schedule of all the R.C.C. members are well explained in this building estimation notes which includes BBS from drawing and the schedule is prepared in MS-Excel of all the members given below.

1.      Bar bending schedule of footing

2.      Bar bending schedule of column

3.      Bar bending schedule of plinth beam

4.      Bar bending schedule of roof beam

5.      Bar bending schedule of the slab

6.      Bar bending schedule of the staircase

7.      Bar bending schedule of raft foundations

12 reviews for Building Construction Book

  1. Anchal

    Amazing book….each and every thing is explained from very basic level….very helpful in building estimation.

  2. Rahul sharma

    Knowledgeful content with having practical experiences and mainly having the presentation this book is having .
    Must purchase for the better future and for creating yourself skillful civil Engineer.
    Lets change the way of thinking for engineers

  3. Ankit

    All the concepts of building and estimation are explained well. Very simple language and easy to understand.
    I found this book very helpful for my construction site.

  4. Ankush

    I joined the coaching in redbricks academy and found it very knowledgeable.
    Also this ebook is very usefull.

  5. Surinder

    Superbbb…….every thing is explained in detail about building estimation…..specially bbs part which is also explain in excel also ….very good.

  6. Rajinder singh

    this book is very useful of every engineer…… anyone reading this book easily understand concept of construction field

  7. Ritika verma

    all the content available this book explained well. fresher candidate can easily understand all work like quantity calculation from drawings etc.

  8. vishal sharma

    best book for estimation and costing. To learn practical work in construction field

  9. Kawal singh

    This book is very helpful for freshers as well as experienced ,easy language , You can easily understand this book without much help, All the contents like Estimate , BBS , Billing are available .
    The good thing all contents is also explained in excel sheet

  10. sohan singh Chauhan

    Very helpful book for civil engineers… bending schedule sbse best hai is book m

  11. Amrinder

    This book is very interesting and you can easily clear your concepts ,written in easy language.All the concepts related to building estimation..the best about this book is barbending schedule.

  12. Parvinder

    Really a handbook for civil engineers …and the explaination is from very basic….building estimation and bar bending schedule …..awsome

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