In this course, you will learn all the estimation of road construction Work with live drawings and instruments such as Auto-Level

  1. Introduction To Road and  Estimation of road construction Work
  2. Procedure Involve In The Layout And Working Criteria Of Road
  3. Different Types Of Road – I) Rigid Pavement Ii) Flexible Pavement
  4. Layer Wise Explanation Of Rigid Pavement And Flexible Pavements
  5. Geometric Designs Of Road
  6. Surveying Techniques Used In Roads through Auto-level on Site
  7. Quantity Calculation Of Earthwork In Road in MS- Excel
  8. Calculation of Quantity of Cutting and filling In Earth Work in MS-Excel
  9. Calculation Of Slope, Gradient, Chamber, And Super- Elevation Of Road through Auto-level
  10. Calculations Of Quantity Material In Road(Road Estimate)
  11. Working Procedure Of P.Q.C, D.L.C, G.S.B In Details according to Drawing
  12. Quantity Calculation  Of Dowel Bars And Connecting Bars In P.Q.C Of Rigid Pavement
  13. All Quantity Calculations in done through AutoCAD Drawing.


Estimation of Road

Course Detail for Estimation of road

In this course, you will learn the full procedure of construction of road from very basic to advance level with the help of Auto-Level. you will also learn how to make a detailed estimate of the Road from the given drawing and the detailed estimate is prepared in MS-Excel by directly taking off the quantities from the AutoCAD drawing. At every site, we have to make a detailed estimate of road,

  • In preliminary survey you will learn how to do marking and layout of road that is how to mark center point of road at every chainage point
  • marking of Reference points at every chainage
  • Check Whether there is cutting or filling according to Final Road Level
  • How to Take Original Ground Level ( O.G.L) through Auto-Level
  • Placement of Dowel Bars & Connecting Bars in Rigid Pavement
  • Calculation of Bar Bending Schedule of Dowel Bars & Connecting Bars
  • Layer Wise Explanation of Flexible Pavement and Rigid Pavement
  • material used in every layer with proper specifications

How to make Chamber according to Drawing with help of Auto-level

How to make Super elevation in road with help of Auto-level 

Slope according to gradient 1:20, 1:30 etc

  • Calculation of Quantity of Earth work , Cutting and filling according to Final Road Level (F.R.L)
  • Quantity Calculation of all Layers of Flexible Pavement and Rigid Pavement