Estimation of Building

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Estimation of Building

RED BRICKS ACADEMY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING is an ISO Certified Training Company which  provides you the Complete Practical training  of estimation of building in Chandigarh. 100% Practical Training with Live Projects, RED BRICKS ACADEMY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING provides professional certification course in Quantity Surveying in Residential Building and in the Commercial Building.

RED BRICKS ACADEMY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING is one and only leading company which provide All Estimation and Quantity Calculation training through Auto CAD Software and all Estimation work is done in MS-Excel . And also have Placement cell for 100% job Assistance.

Estimation of Building Includes

  • Introduction to Quantity Surveying and Role of Quantity Surveyors.
  • Execution of building foundation work as per construction site.
  • Brief study of sub structure and super structure.
  • Procedure of estimation of building.
  • Detailed study of unit conversion & metric system.
  • Brief study of construction materials,
  • Estimation works of all types of building Such as Residential Building ,low rise building , high rise building, Commercial Building ,Industrial Building.
  • Civil Estimation of all  RCC members of  building (footing, columns, slab, beams, staircase)
  • Civil Estimation and mortar work, plaster work.
  • Estimation and costing through architectural plan (Brick work, plaster and painting putty work).
  • Preparation of estimation sheet for all kinds of concrete work shuttering work  on Ms-Excel sheet..
  • Quantity Take off from Auto CAD/ Architectural drawings and MS- Excel.
  • Bar Bending schedule of all RCC Structure (Footings, Beams, Columns, Slabs, Staircase, RCC retaining Wall and water tank) through Auto CAD
  • BBS Sheet preparation techniques on Ms-Excel Directly through Auto cad is provided in Building Estimation Course.
  • Preparation of estimation sheets as per industries requirement.
  • Daily Work Report (DWR) preparation as per  company standard.
  • Daily Progress Report (DPR) preparation as per site
  • Material Reconciliation Techniques.
  • Material Procurement Strategies as per as the Techniques uses in Quantity Surveying.
  • Basic and indirect building costs.
  • Bill of quantities preparation as per drawing and rate quote through HSR (Haryana Schedule rates)
  • Sites visit and Training on ongoing projects.