billing engineering training

In this Billing engineering Training course, You will learn how to make bills on construction sites according to the site as well as according to drawing. 

Billing Engineering Training

Billing Engineering Training offers by  Red Bricks Academy of Civil Engineering provide you complete practical Billing Engineering Training which includes all type of billing work in the construction field. Bill of quantities (BoQ) which is prepared by the Quantity Surveyor/ Billing Engineer and it is made in MS-excel sheet for all types of construction work which includes material, machinery, labor, and their costs.
It also details the work and conditions of working for the project and itemizes all the work to enable a contractor to consider the risk and bid accordingly. Also after the work is completed, the material and the labor charges due of the contractor are paid to him accordingly which is also referred to as billing.

Nowadays Bills are Prepared by Site Engineers in various Civil Engineering Companies. Two types of BIlls are Prepared, First bill as per Drawing which prepared for the Client i.e. all Quantities are taken in making a Bill according to drawing and the other bill is prepared as per site where the quantities are taken for making the bill is according to or as per site and this bill is prepared for sub- contractor. 

Red Bricks Academy of Civil Engineering provides billing engineering training, full practical course, the bill preparation techniques are according to construction companies standard. 

Course Curriculum

 In the construction field, the bills are prepared according to site and according to drawings firstly the (BOQ) i.e. the Billing of quantities (BoQ) which is prepared by the Quantity Surveyor and it is made in excel sheet for all types of constructions which includes the type of work, material, labors, and their costs.

  1. Introduction To Billing Engineering
  2. Types Of Bill In The Construction Industry
            1. Client Bill
            2. Contractor Bill
            3. Vendor Bill
  3. Measurement Sheet/Measurement Book(MB
  4. Abstract Sheet
  5. BBS (Bar Bending Schedule) Sheet
  6. Covering Letter
  7. Preparation of R.A. Bill (Running Account Bills) according to site
  8. Preparation of Labour Bill with Attendance
  9. (BOQ) Bill Of Quantities Preparations
  10. Formats Of Civil Estimates And Steel Calculations As Per Pwd Specification
  11. Material Reconciliation Technique
  12. Rate Analysis
  13. Daily Progress Report(DPR)
  14. Estimated Cost Of Civil Estimates And Steel Calculation Is Prepared Through State Rate Book Like HSR, DSR, Etc