Bar bending schedule for beam is described below

bar bending schedule of beam

This is the reinforcement detail of the Roof beam in this, the length of the beam is 3m center to center of the column as shown in the figure: the Roof beam is always connected from column to column, therefore the bars of the beam is interconnected with column vertical bars so that the load can be distributed easily.

To find out the bar bending schedule for beam we need to cut one section as shown in the figure below

bbs of beam

Now in this figure we see that there are 6 bars, 3 bars in the top and 3 bars in the bottom and each bar is of 12mm Diameter. And the length and width of the column is 400mm and 400mm respectively

Step 1. Finding out cutting length of a straight bar.

Length of beam including both columns is 3m+0.2m+0.2m = 3.8m

The cutting length of the straight bar is 3.4m (- both side column’s covers)

Note: take column cover =40mm

Therefore cutting length of the straight bar is = (3.40-0.04-0.04)

= 3.32m

Step 2.  Numbers of bars:

The number of bars in the beam is judged by seeing the section of the beam.

There are 6 numbers of straight bars in the Roof beam.

Step 3.  Unit Weight:

The unit weight of bar is calculated by the formula = D2/162

= 12 x12/162


Step 4. Total weight:

The total weight of bars are= cutting length x Number of Bars x Unit Weight

= 3.32 x 6 x 0.888

= 17.68 kg weight

Finding out Cutting Length of Rings

cutting length of stirrup

Clear cover of Beam is 30mm

Formula to find cutting length of stirrup is = [2x (L+B)+ 20D]

Where D is the Diameter of Bar

L=Length of Ring (Cover is deducted from both side) = 340mm

B = Breadth of Ring (Cover is deducted from both side) = 240 mm

Note: both side cover should be subtracted from length and breadth.

cutting length of ring

Step1. Here L= 0.340m , B= 0.240m, and D= 8mm or  0.008m

So put these values in the formula = [2x (L+B)+ 20D]

 = [2(0.340+0.240)+20x 0.008]

= 1.160+ 0.16

=1.32m Cutting Length of one Ring

Step 2: Number of Bars = (Length / Spacing)+ 1

Here length would be taken as the vertical length of column where the rings are placed.

So. Number of bars = (5/ 0.15)+1

= 33.33+1

=34.33 say 34 numbers of rings

Step 3: unit weight of bars  = D²/162

                         Here D =Diameter of Bar = 8mm

                         That is = 8×8/162=0.395 Kg /m

Step 4: Total weight of Bar = cutting length × no of Bars × unit wt

   = 1.32 X 34 X 0.395

= 17.72 Kg weight.

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