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Learn Autocad Software from the leading Best Autocad Training Institute in Chandigarh

Red Bricks Academy of Civil Engineering provides you with complete practical Auto-CAD Course from very basic to advance level with industries expert. After joining this Autocad Training Institute, You Can Able to make Building Plans and Elevations of the building.

The AutoCAD Course at Red Bricks Academy of Civil Engineering will enable you to learn AutoCAD from Beginner to Advance Level in Hindi. we will provide you Full Autocad course online live with Industry experts as well as Offline in our Autocad Training Institute.

This course has been developed to ensure students learn the essentials of Autocad 2D and become expert Civil Engineer. 

After successful completion of the course, you will be able to make plans for building, elevations & their sections, and also you are eligible to work as a professional Civil Engineer or Architect. 

 If you are looking to Learn Autocad Course at the Advance level you may register here in our Autocad Training Institute

.We also deal in making architectural plans of Building (Residential and commercial )

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autocad training institute

DETAIL about autocad training institute

  1. Drawing of 2d plans in AutoCAD with standard sizes
  2. How to Cut Sections
  3. How to draw Elevations of Building
  4. All the commands are used in drawing with the help of shortcut keys
  5. Our Expert Trainers will Take Live Online Classes
  1. Opening and Creating Drawings
  2. Exploring the AutoCAD interface
  3. Zooming and Panning
  1. Using the Mouse, Keyboard, and Enter Key to work quickly and efficiently in AutoCAD
  2. Lines
  3. Circles
  4. Rectangles
  1. Creating Simple Drawings
  2. Using Object Snap Tracking to extrapolate a projected top view
  3. Using Modify tools to arrange an office layout
  1. Polar and Ortho Tracking
  2. Entering Coordinates and Angles
  3. Object Snaps and Tracking
  1. Move
  2. Copy
  3. Rotate
  4. Mirror
  5. Scale
  6. Using the reference option with the Scale Tool
  1. The Hatch Command
  2. The Hatch Editor Ribbon Tab
  3. Saving and Applying Hatches with Tool Palettes
  1. Using Dimensioning Tools
  2. Dimensioning in a Layout Tab vs. the Model Tab
  3. Using Dimension Styles
  4. Editing Dimensions
  1. Using Template Files (.dwt) to Make New Drawing
  2. Exploring what Settings and Elements are saved with Templates
  1. Layer States
  2. Properties by Layer
  3. Layer Tools
  1. Polylines
  2. Arcs
  3. Polygons
  4. Ellipses
  1. The Properties Palette
  2. Quick Select
  3. Select Similar
  4. Measure Geometry Tools
  1. Trim and Extend
  2. Fillet and Chamfer
  3. Polyline Edit and Spline
  4. Offset and Explode Join
  1. The Insert Block Command
  2. Inserting Blocks with Tool Palettes
  3. Dynamic Blocs
  4. Migrating Blocks and other Elements between Drawings with Design Center

  1. Using Layouts and Viewports
  2. Scaling Viewports
  3. Model Space vs. Paper Space in Layouts
  1. Printing from Layout Tabs
  2. Printing from the Model Tab
  1. Making Layouts for a Banquette Hall
  1. The Multiline Text Tool
  2. The Single Line Text Tool
  3. Editing Text
  4. Text in Model Space vs. Paper Space The Multi leader Tool
  1. Dimensioning a Mechanical Drawing

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Some Building Architectural Plans made by Students of this Autocad Training Institute

After Completing the Autocad Course From Red Bricks Academy of Civil Engineering You Will Able to make these kinds of Architectural Plans